English tranlation is coming! Raggiungere l'isola di Stromboli è facile.

How to reach the island of Stromboli...

from Milazzo:

All year round with hydrofoil and ship (tel 090 9283242) - timetable
Www.usticalines.it - see the timetable here.
UsticaLines Stromboli: Phone+39 090 986003 - Cell +39 340 9028012
Usticalines Phone number: Tel +39 090 9287821 - Cell +39 340 9023731

in nave! (Tel: Stromboli: 090 986003;Milazzo 090 9284091/9283415/)

da Napoli:

tAll year round with the ship (tel 081 5800340)- orario

da Giugno a Settembre con l'aliscafo (tel.081 5513352); consulta l'orario


www.usticalines.it - consulta l'orario qui. (tel. 081 5800340).
Tirrenia( tragitto in nave a da Napoli a Palermo)


mappa eolie stromboli


da Palermo:


www.usticalines.it - consulta l'orario qui.

Palermo Ustica lines Agency: Phone +39 091 333 333 / 324255 - Fax +39 091 329990

da Messina e Reggio Calabria :

www.usticalines.it ,

Messina : Phone +39 090 364044 - Info line +39 347 0095781

Reggio Calabria: Phone +39 0965 29568 - Info line +39 346 0116552

Sbarco con automezzi.

nocars allowed

Stromboli is easy to walk on !.
The distance from Piscità to Scari is about 3Km.
The Brazil hotel is a few tens of meters from the sea!

Disembarkation with the vehicle on the island is prohibited in summer. In summer it is prevented from landing to any type of means (by order of the Mayor who is renewed every year). Get in touch with the regulations in force for the time you want to visit the island at the Aeolian Islands Tourist Board.
If you can not withstand without a locomotive means you can rent bicycles, mopeds and electric mopeds easily on the island.

2017 mappa by roz stromboli per albergo brasile400


Bus da e per gli aeroporti:

BusFrom the Strait of Reggio Calabria there is a bus coinciding with each flight, the port and a new connection to the sea terminal with departures direct to Messina:


- Bus from Messina to the port of Milazzo and vice versa GIUNTABUS S. & C. srl : http://www.giuntabustrasporti.com/ 98122  Messina (ME) - 8, v. Terranova, tel: 090 673782, 090 675749

From Fontanarossa airport in Catania, there are:

Shuttle service from CATANIA AIRPORT to MILAZZO harbor: